Help - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Engine Tier Classifications
  • Definitions
  • Engine Tier

    Engine Tiers are used to classify diesel particulate matter emission rates on non-road diesel engines at the time of manufacture.

    Tier 0 engines are older engines that do not have any emission controls. Tier 1 engines have slightly lower emissions through improved air and fuel delivery systems but do not use emission control systems found on newer Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines.

  • What is an Operating Period?

    To be authorized to operate you must select and pay for an Operating Period. Options include:

    • Annual (365 days)
    • Monthly (30 days)
    • Daily
    • Low-Use Annual (Annual Operating Period with a limit of 200 operational hours in the year)

    Note that the Low-Use Annual requires you to log into the system and enter the hours the engine will be used prior to operation.

  • What is an engine registration number?

    The engine registration number is a unique number assigned to the engine when registered. The registration number and tier designation labels need to be affixed to the exterior housing of the machine and must be clearly visible.

  • What is a Machine VIN?

    The Machine VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number or machine serial number. Another interchangeable term is "Machine Identifier". These can be found on the machine labels. The engine cannot be registered without either a valid serial number or a machine VIN and the engine model.

  • What is the Engine Operating Status?

    There are 5 scenarios:

    1. Not Authorized to Operate - An Operating Period has not been purchased for the engine.
    2. Authorized to Operate - The purchased Operating Period has started and the engine can be used until the end of the paid Operating Period.
    3. Awaiting Cheque Payment - Metro Vancouver has not yet received the cheque payment for the purchased Operating Period. The engine is not authorized to operate until payment has been received.
    4. Authorized to Operate on [DATE] - An Operating Period has been purchased for a future date. The engine cannot be used until the start of the purchased Operating Period.
    5. Retired - The engine has been retired and cannot be operated in Metro Vancouver.
  • Adding an Engine
  • What does it mean when it says "Is this machine used primarily at your business address?"

    If your machine is only used at your site, (e.g. a forklift to move product around the site), then it is used primarily at the business address. However, if your machine is moved from site to site for different jobs, (e.g. an excavator), then it is not considered to be used primarily at the business address.

  • What if I can’t find the engine serial number?

    Read the Fact Sheet entitled Engine Power and Year. If you still cannot find the serial number for the engine, you can select the Serial Number not available checkbox and enter an explanation. If you do not have the serial number, you will be required to enter a Machine Vehicle Identification Number (Machine VIN) and the engine model.

  • What if my Machine Type or Machine Manufacturer are not shown in the drop-down lists?

    Select “Other” from the bottom of the list and enter the machine type or manufacturer in the text box that appears.

  • I made a mistake entering the engine details. How can I change it?

    You will need to contact the Non-Road Diesel Team at Metro Vancouver to get the details changed. Click on Contact Us for the phone number or click the Email link in the top right hand side of the application and we will make the corrections for you.

  • Buy/Cancel/Refund an Operating Period
  • Why does an Annual Operating Period not cover the full year (January 1, 2012 to December 30, 2012)?

    The Non-Road Diesel Registration System is based on a 365 day year, and 2012 is a leap year with 366 days.

  • Why are there only 7 months available when I select a Monthly Operating Period type?

    After 7 months, it is more economical to purchase an Annual Operating Period.

  • Why are there only 14 days available when I select a Daily Operating Period type?

    After 14 days, it is more economical to purchase a Monthly Operating Period.

  • What is the purpose of entering a biodiesel usage?

    Using biodiesel reduces particulate matter emissions. If you use a biodiesel blend higher than 5%, your fees will be reduced. In general, the higher the blend, the lower the fees.

    Note the specified biodiesel usage must be used for the entire Operating Period and proof must be available in the form of receipts.

  • Can I pay for more than one engine at the same time? What do I do?

    You can pay for operating periods for multiple engines at the same time.

    Once you have added an operating period for an engine to the shopping cart:

    1. Select the Add Operating Period for Another Engine button.
    2. Select another engine from the list.
    3. Choose the operating period, then select Add to Cart.
    4. The cart should now contain two items.
  • Can I purchase several Operating Periods for the same engine? What do I do?

    You can add and pay for multiple operating periods for the same engine. The operating periods cannot overlap.

    Once you have added an operating period for an engine to the shopping cart:

    1. Select the Add another Operating Period to Cart button.
    2. Select the same engine from the list.
    3. Choose a different operating period, then select Add to Cart.
    4. The cart should now contain two operating periods for the same engine.
  • How can I change the dates of my purchased Operating Period?

    The Operating Period will have to be cancelled. A new Operating Period with the new dates will need to be purchased.

  • I need to cancel my Operating Period. What can I do?

    If the Operating Period is currently active or is active in the future, select the engine from My Engines. In the My Operating Periods table, click the Cancel link for the Operating Period that needs to be cancelled. The cancellation will be effective the next day.

    The cancel link will not be available if cheque payment has not been received by Metro Vancouver. You will need to contact us to cancel.

  • Why am I charged two different rates on the invoice?

    The fees increase on January 1 of each calendar year. If your Operating Period falls within parts of two calendar years, then the part in each calendar year is billed at a different rate.

  • I cancelled my operating period, why don’t I get a refund?

    A $15 administration fee applies to each cancellation and we do not process refunds of $5 or less. There are no refunds for Low-use Annual operating periods. Cancelling an operating period will take effect the next day.

  • I cancelled my future operating period. Why is the refund less than I paid?

    A non-refundable $15 administration fee is charged for each registration and for each cancellation.

  • Engine Ownership
  • Do I have to pay for an operating period if I am not using my engine?

    No, you will not need to purchase an operating period if your engine is not being used. You can register your engine for free by entering the engine details into the online registration system. The engine will then be issued a unique Registration Number and you will receive the registration labels by mail to affix to the machine, as per the bylaw. You will not be able to operate your engine until you have paid for an operating period. However, once your engine is registered, you can purchase an operating period at any time through the online system.

  • I just purchased a used, Tier 0 engine and the seller told me I was legal to operate it. How can I confirm that?

    The engine should already have a registration number and tier labels attached to the machine. You can search for any registered engine using the Advanced Engine Search function. You can search by using the engine registration number, engine serial number, or machine VIN If an operating period has been purchased, the engine status will be Authorized to Operate. However, you need to be aware that the original registrant can cancel an operating period without you knowing.

  • Website Use
  • In the ‘My Engines’ list, why do some of my engines have an ‘Add’ link in the ‘Operating Period’ column, and some do not?

    If an engine has a current Operating Period, then it is Active and does not have an Add Operating Period link. One week before the Operating Period end date, the Add link will appear so that a new Operating Period can be purchased.

    If you do want to purchase another Operating Period for an engine, and the Add link is not available, select the engine from My Engines. Then select Step 2 – Select Operating Period.

  • How can I see all the Operating Periods that I have purchased for an engine?

    To see all the Operating Periods that have been purchased for an engine, select the engine from My Engines and under the My Operating Periods section, all Operating Periods (past, present and future) will be listed with their Operating Period Statuses (Pending, Active, Expired and Cancelled) for that engine.

    To see Operating Periods for ALL your engines, go to the Home page and select the View your current operating periods link.

  • I have an alert showing on the home page, what do I need to do?

    Select the alert to see the outstanding invoice(s). The invoices will be for either operating periods that you indicated would be paid by cheque, or a fee adjustment invoice that can be paid by credit card or cheque.

  • How do I enter hours for my Low Use Operating Period?

    When a Low Use Annual Operating Period is purchased, you are required to submit the hours that the engine will be used prior to operation.

    1. Select the engine from the ‘My engines’ list by clicking the Registration Number (eg 0115).
    2. Under "What would you like to do?", select the "Enter Low Use Hours" link.
    3. Under "Enter Low Use Hours" section, enter the date, number of hours and location of the engine to be operated.
    4. Click Add.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for additional dates.

    Add all the future operating days, hours and locations for the engine as required.

    Please note:

    • You cannot enter dates that occur in the past
    • You cannot delete entries for today’s date
    • When 200 hours are reached, the operating period will expire and a new operating period must be purchased